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The BaFKo company produces a Bamboo Fiber Komposit, hence the name, in the form of plates that can be used as an outdoor or indoor construction material. It is an eco-construction material with many possibilities. It has received the sustainability grade of Exterior I or II, that means that it can last up to 20 or 25 years in humid conditions.

Characteristics of BaFKo  
Grade of sustainability I or II (Exterior)
Tensile strength 71 N/mm2
Modulus Of Rupture (MOR) 0,59 N/mm2
Modulus Of Elasticity (MOE) 6434 N/mm2
Density 880 kg/m3
Form plate material:  
Measurements 1,2 meters x  2,4 meters
Thickness 18 – 40 milimeter

The making of BaFKo boards
The production is entirely manufactured in Indonesia. It is made from the Tali variety of bamboo , which is 5 cm thick, and grows abundantly in Indonesia. The bamboo stems undergo a process, making it into fibers, by pulverizing them, but keeping the structure intact. Finally it is made into boards by a pressing and gluing process, using a rolling machine.

The aspect of the BaFKo
The boards have a horizontal grain orientation. The surface is somewhat rough in a light brown color. Most important are the strength and durability of the material.
It is delivered in plates of 1,2 meters x  2,4 meters, with a thickness of 18 – 40 milimeters.
BaFKo - bamboo product

Application of BaFKo
Its characteristic makes BaFKo interesting for water structural projects. It has been successfully tried in the Netherlands by the State Department of Waterways as a pilot project in a construction of seawalls. From the pilot project shows that BaFKo rivals the traditional hardwood. The big advantage of BaFKo is that the material can be handled by hands instead of the use of heavy machinery.
Alternative use are: construction material for buildings, concrete shuttering, cladding, sound barriers.

BaFKo - bamboo, Dutch Waterways Project

Bamboo is a grass species with a rapid growth. It regenerates within 3 years and the roots are kept intact. In Indonesia and the rest of South-East Asia 13 varieties grow in the wild. Bamboo is one of the oldest building materials in history Bamboo is used as construction material, interior decoration, outside finishing, roof covering.
An exhibition in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam in 2012 shows a bamboo bridge built in 1925 by the Javanese over the Serayu river. In fact it resembles the modern cable bridges of today, for example the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

BaFKo - Tropenmuseum bamboo bridge
BaFKo - Tropenmuseum bamboo bridge
BaFKo - Tropenmuseum bamboo bridge
BaFKo - Tropenmuseum bamboo bridge
BaFKo - Tropenmuseum bamboo bridge
Photos source: Tropenmuseum

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