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BafKo - History of the company

In 1996, Tjahja’s father, Suratman Dharmaperwira, retired, went back to his roots in Java and started to experiment with the process of making bamboo fibers more durable.  This process involved hardpressing bamboo fibers and finding the appropriate glue formula.
In 2003 a batch of hardwood-bamboo beams were produced, exported to Holland and proposed to various construction sites. Most noteworthy was the experiment where it was used to line the banks of waterways in the Netherlands by the Dutch Ministry of Waterways. The Dutch Ministry of Waterways is satisfied with the application of BaFKo in this pilot project.

BaFKo - Suratman DharmaperwiraSuratman Dharmaperwira (in striped shirt)

The efforts and findings of the father have now been passed on to the son, who has become more involved and dedicated to its future possibilities and hopes to be able to offer it to the world as an ecologically responsible, durable solution and at the same time generating employment in developing countries.

BaFKo - bamboo, Suratman Dharmaperwira

Suratman Dharmaperwira (in red shirt)

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