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BafKo - About us

Tjahja Dharmaperwira is of mixed Indonesian-Dutch origin. He obtained his engineer-architect degree in 1994 at the University of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, where he specialized in environment-friendly construction.
During his studies he already started to be interested in bamboo and thinking that in Indonesia bamboo could be better used as fabricated half-products.
Living in Holland he has worked for several firms focusing on product development and also worked as projet manager in the building field.

Currently he is more involved in the development of the BAFKO bamboo-composite material. He is in contact with an Indonesian institute, doing further research and adapting the material for the specific local needs.
In the Netherlands he is now in contact with the research Institute in Wageningen and a Market Research Institute

In his view, regarding the world’s needs of building material it is important to think in terms of ‘Planet, People and Profit'. “My philosophy behind my desire to develop this product is to offer a solution and alternative for the use of hardwood, with its irreversible consequences of depleting the tropical forests in Indonesia. As well as offering durable, environmentally responsible work opportunities to the Indonesian population. Bamboo is very interesting for its strength and durability and its fast growing capacities. It is passionate to work with bamboo. There are so many possibilities.

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